Hi my lovely Kipswitters!! Here is the new look of our blog..Nothing much tho, just a little touch-up and make over to simplify the look of Kipswit.. I like it because it is simple and yet, sharp. I hope you lovies will like it too.. Well, in order to bring more items to Kipswit lovely customers, I am currently toying with ideas to add and widen more items under the Kipswit label. Yes, while Kipswit will continue strive to offer good qualities tudung, it is also trying to expand more collections, which will definitely suit the Muslim ladies out there. Being all covered up doesn't mean that we have to be behind the trends. We can still keep up, with a little adjustments..;) So, any ideas that you wish to see in Kipswit collections, please send them to my email, kipswit@gmail.com. Your help and ideas will be greatly appreciated! Till we meet again. Till then, enjoy browsing and shopping! oxoxoxoxoxo