Hi Kipswitters! As promised, I have posted some of the Tudung collections, just for you. What makes them different from any other tudung in the market, you ask? Well, the most important thing is that, I'm selling it 50 percent cheaper from the ones sold in the market, in this case, the comparison is A*****. Fabric wise, it is made from high quality lycra which is smooth and cool. The fabric is also imported from DUBAI, and I have personally rolled my sleeves up and dig for the best pattern and colors just for you. We have plain and colorful pattern so it is all up to you to make a pick. Not to mention that these collection also come in various sizes. (S, M, L) All stocks and patterns are limited, and rest assured that you will be wearing them exclusively. Enjoy and hope you will find something for you...

T01 RAINBOW color, size M. RM45 SOLD
T02 Green and Purple, size M RM45 SOLD
T03 Red,pink and purple, size M. RM45
T04 Turquoise, size M RM45 SOLD
T05 Peach, size M RM45 SOLD
T06 Green, size M RM45
T07 Brown and Purple, size M RM45 SOLD
T08 Shocking Pink, size S RM35
T09 Fiercy Red, size S RM35
T10 Dark Purple, Size M RM38 SOLD
T11 Dark Brown, size S RM35 SOLD
T12 Skin color, size S RM35 SOLD
T13 Bluish Blue, size M RM38 SOLD
T14 Royal Yellow, size M RM38 SOLD
T15 Black, size M RM38 SOLD
p/s: Kipswitters, you are welcome to suggest any colors that you wish to have and I will try my best to dig them for you!:) Just leave your suggestion in my comment box.Thank you!:)